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Agreement For Sale Of Flat In West Bengal

Agreement For Sale Of Flat In West Bengal

The stamp duty owed at the time of registration of the sales contract is equal to the value of the amount of sales tax (advance) collected on that date and, at the time of registration of the deed of sale, you can pay stamp duty on the amount of consideration for the balance received on that date. 1. Yes, it terminates the contract, but even in this case a notification must be sent to a week or a reasonable period of time, so that your intention is clear, even if it is a false case. 3) If it does not pay, you can terminate the sales contract in accordance with the terms of your contract. The registered agreement is legally protected and even in the event of a loss of the copy, a certified copy can be taken, in addition, the other party cannot refuse conditions, the signature cannot challenge the registered agreement, the specific benefit can be filed. There is no registration data, but registration fees are minimal. The separate stamp duty for the contract must be paid. Refer to the task schedule. (S (usnq5k5exyfqfqvs3tba)/Stamp_duty.aspx If the other person does not meet the terms of the contract for any reason, you have the right to revoke the contract in accordance with the terms of the contract. If the agreement is through a registered document, then you cannot avoid it in any way other than breach of contract. 3. So even if you terminate the contract after 60 days, you have to pay back his money and then keep selling someone else.

In addition, you get the approval of a professional lawyer, so that the strict clauses are made. No, if he does not fulfill the agreed part of the contract, he cannot, in this case, request the suspension of the property and seek an injunction from the court, register the sales contract with kindness and write a specific date to make the payment. Yes, there is no right on his part to the property, 7. If you are able to transfer the above balance, you will remain legally in an advantageous position with respect to the aforementioned sales contract. The court will not prevent you from selling the property if there is a clause stating that the sale contract has no bearing on the 60-day conclusion after the non-repayment of the amount. 5. This clause is correct. You should also mention the bank account number. from the buyer in the aforementioned agreement to the sale from which you received the payment and pick up his IFSC number. (available in his cheque). This information will be required during the net transfer of his balance in case the contract is terminated. 3.

Since stamp duty is paid by the buyer for the registration of the sale contract as well as the deposit of the sale, there is no reason why you should avoid registering it.

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