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Closing Agreement Vertaling

Closing Agreement Vertaling

Urgent Vertalen has an extensive network of sworn and non-sworn native translators. All our translators are bachelor`s degree graduates or higher. And every year, they take a series of mandatory courses to be informed of language changes. In addition, our sworn translators took an oath in court. For more information on certified translations, please visit our website: Certified Translation. We translate contracts every day to the full satisfaction of our customers. Large companies and small businesses, but also many individuals, have followed this path before you. In addition, we understand that your contract may contain confidential information. That`s why we think it`s extremely important that your documents remain confidential. Upon request, we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement of your creation, in addition to our own privacy statement and terms and conditions. With the main translation agency in The Hague, your contract can be translated into Dutch, English, Spanish, French or German. We also translate contracts into non-European languages such as Chinese (Mandarin), Turkish and Hindi. The main translation agency in The Hague is happy to help you translate between all language combinations.

We only work with translators who are bachelor`s or higher translation graduates and who are “native speakers” of the target language. This way, you can always count on an accurate translation. . In addition to the translation of your contract, you can come to us for all kinds of translations, for example: a diploma or a list of notes, a CV, an application or a certificate of good conduct. . Result: 189. Exactly: 189. Verstreken tijd: 97 ms. You can easily request a non-binding offer via the button below or send an email to: We look forward to your contract.

All formats are welcome. Please also indicate your name, telephone number and the language into which you would like your contract to be translated. It goes without saying that we will contact you as soon as possible. .

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