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Difference In Acceptance And Agreement

Difference In Acceptance And Agreement

My love for another person is in my acceptance of them and not in my adherence to the decisions they may or may not make. It is possible to be in a relationship with someone and not agree on choices. Look at how Jesus experienced this in his life: in December 2013, I tried to help people accept each other, even if they disagree. Acceptance comes from a deeper place than the agreement – it actually offers the place where the agreement can develop. Acceptance for you sounds like resignation? Like you have to give up what you want and agree with something you don`t want? “Don`t settle for cheap love based solely on a deal. Follow the priceless love that the person accepts (no matter who or where they are) with the understanding that while you can`t “fix” it, God can. “Never base love on coherence with a theological or life choice. What we agree on is changing. Building love on the basis of harmony will lead us to manage tensions in dangerous ways: alienating loved ones, sacrificing convictions, sweeping convictions under the rug, etc. Even in some of my closest relationships, we won`t agree, but I refuse to give up the relationship. I will always defend my convictions with confidence. I`m never afraid to talk about faith, but that doesn`t mean I`m pretending to be an idiot and a silly punch. The act of acceptance; a receipt of what is proposed, with agreement, satisfaction or tolerance; above all, a favourable reception; authorization; such as the acceptance of a gift, a function, a teaching, etc.

The fundamental principle of Improv is that there is a difference between ACCEPTANCE and AGREEMENT. It trains us to take what is given to us and build on it. In our daily lives, is the concept of YES. AND allows us to manage things as they are, not as we wish…

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