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The journey of the journal

The journey of the journal

Another blog I hear you say? Absolutely! And why not? As I write this, Donald Trump is contending for the presidency of the United States of America – what’s the worst that could happen?

So. Where to begin? Well, I’m an Australian who has now seeded himself amongst the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. Married to an incredible woman, who I shall call the ‘Passport’, we decided to move from the sandy beaches of Western Australia early 2015. Yeah, I know, I know! Why leave Australia? Well – ah – Why not? There are always pros and cons to every place you settle in, but you can only truly experience those when you pack those bags and remove yourself from the electoral roll. Granted my wife is Swiss, making the learning curve not as steep compared to some, but we still had to find our feet.  And here we are.

So my intentions behind this blog are simple. When I get inspired by others learnings, thoughts and opinions, I want to share those that resonate with me. Now. I must warn you, I’m inspired by a broad arse range of stuff from baking to The Fourth Industrial Revolution to Fast and Furious memes. So it can go all over the place, but you know – you gotta keep an open mind.

I’m also a professional Voice Over Actor, not sure if you noticed 😉 But I’ll get more into that journey later on, for now please enjoy this short promo film mock up I created where I voice all the characters.

Ah to create.



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