Shall Survive The Termination Of This Agreement Traduccion - Troy Rodger
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Shall Survive The Termination Of This Agreement Traduccion

Shall Survive The Termination Of This Agreement Traduccion

SDL Plc (“SDL”) and its subsidiaries maintain this website as a service to their customers, shareholders and other interested parties. By using a website owned and operated by SDL Plc or its affiliates, you agree to comply with and be related to the following terms of use, which may change at any time. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions below, please do not use this website or any of the following pages. The provider processes the data on behalf of the customer until the end of Crowdin`s services in accordance with these conditions. Once completed, Crowdin retains customer data for a period of six months if the Customer wishes to reopen the account in order to resume the use of Crowdin`s services or to export customer data, unless requested otherwise by the Customer. The supplier deletes or returns all personal data to the processing manager after the service termination and removes existing copies, unless EU or Member State law requires the storage of personal data. I am not a fan of saying in a contract that certain provisions survive termination. See MSCD 13.642 and this 2006 contribution. Heck, even the Delaware Chancery Court noticed.

If the Customer does not accept the change, the Customer will notify the supplier or reseller (if the Customer has acquired access to Crowdin`s services from a reseller) before the change takes effect, and these conditions expire on the effective date of the change. The customer`s continued use of Crowdin`s services or part or part of it after a change comes into effect notifies the changes. 4.3 The Customer ensures that any material and use by the Supplier for the provision of the stated service does not infringe the rights of third parties (including intellectual property rights) and the Customer frees suppliers from losses, damages, costs, costs or other claims arising from such a violation. 10.4 Permanence. If, for any reason, a competent court finds that a provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable, that provision of the agreement will be applied to the authorized extent and the other provisions of this agreement will remain fully in force and effective. The website may contain materials, including executable software or third-party source code to be included on the SDL (“Third-Party Materials”) website.

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