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Sief Agreement Echa

Sief Agreement Echa

Model NTF agreements have been concluded by interbranch organisations. Links to their websites can be found on the Accredited Stakeholders page on ECHA`s website. As a last resort, ECHA can assess your case if you are unable to agree on sharing data and costs with your co-registrations. This applies both to differences of opinion regarding the absence of tests and to disputes concerning the transfer of data and its costs. The dispute resolution procedure for data sharing is free of charge and can be managed without legal assistance. SIEF members need to agree on how to share the cost of data and the costs of managing SIEF. What is important is that you only pay for the information and management of the SIEF that relates directly to your own registration. Under REACH, a SIEF is set up for each pre-registration substance with the same identity. SIEF participants are either potential registrants or data holders. A SIEF does not have a mandatory legal form, but is a forum where data can be exchanged and facilitate the registration process. and agree on the classification and labelling (C&L) of the substance. Participants in a SIEF are free to organize themselves as they wish (for example.

B through a consortium or other form of cooperation) in order to fulfil their individual REACH obligations. All SIEFs will remain operational until 1 June 2018. SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Fora) are made up of companies that intend to register the same substance. They are intended to facilitate the exchange of data between enterprises and thus to avoid double studies and to agree on classification and labelling where there are differences between registrants. Users can view or update the membership list prior to SIEFs. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CONTACT DETAILS ARE UPDATED AND CORRECT IN REACH-IT, SINCE YOU USE THIS INFORMATION IN COMMUNICATIONS. A SIEF is only established if the pre-registrations have agreed to produce or import the same substance. Pre-registrants share and evaluate the data and prepare common parts of the registration (common filing). This graph reflects the proposed cefic recommendation for the date of the different tasks that must be performed as part of a SIEF process.

Updated January 2012. The aim of this document is to provide lead registrants and potential registrants with an overview of their functions and responsibilities, as well as standard templates to support their actions. The document is structured as a kind of checklist of measures to be implemented. The members of the FDE designate an LR to submit the common registration dossier. The joint submission shall include the main part of the technical dossier, including the classification and labelling of the substance, (robust) study summaries and, where appropriate, the proposal for new tests. The ER serves as a point of contact for registrants of other substances who wish to “read” the substance data for their own substance. If a registration already exists, you must negotiate with the existing registrants to have access to the transmitted data. However, you may not need to have access to all the data, but only to the data required for your tonnage band.. .


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