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Sweden Regional Trade Agreements

Sweden Regional Trade Agreements

EPAs are trade and development agreements negotiated between the EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) partners involved in regional economic integration processes. The EPA goes beyond traditional free trade agreements, as it focuses on the development of ACP countries, for example. B in view of their socio-economic conditions, and helps transnational countries to benefit from the agreements. In addition, epAs fully open up EU markets, but allow ACP countries to allow for long transition periods to partially open up to EU imports while protecting sensitive sectors. Sweden`s traditionally positive trade balance recorded a deficit in 2018, with imports growing faster than exports. Imports reached $US 170.2 billion in 2018, up from $154.2 billion last year, while exports rose from $US 152.9 billion over the period to US$165.9 billion. According to the WTO, the trade deficit amounted to 4.2 billion $US in 2018. Nevertheless, Sweden generally has a trade surplus when services are included, as it exports more services ($72.7 billion) than it imports ($68.6 billion). In addition, according to provisional data from Sweden Statistics, exports of goods outpaced imports in 2019 and the trade balance improved to a surplus.

Exports rose to SEK 1.52 trillion, compared to SEK 1.5 trillion for imports. Describes the bilateral and multilateral trade agreements in which this country participates, including with the United States. .

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